Some feedback from Voyagers’ Italian Palazzo Adventure in March 2019:

“Thanks SO much for organising the amazing weekend in Italy. It exceeded my (already high) expectations and has seeded some wonderful new relationships, which I'm sure will bear fruit in interesting ways!” — LBQ, UK

“What an incredible adventure. Thank you so much for making it happen and bringing such amazing people together in an exciting environment. I’m grateful to be part of the community and more than happy to contribute in the future.” — TG, SWEDEN

“It truly felt like I found my tribe and that I could just be myself and let down my guard. I realised that these incredibly interesting/accomplished/motivated/smart people had many of the same insecurities/vulnerabilities as me and that they were open about it all.” —SI, USA

“The pace was incredible; the shift from one mini-adventure to another. There were real and different opportunities to meet new people. The people were from a variety of backgrounds/cultures/areas of expertise. The last hike, with those tremendous sea-views, was spectacular. I made what I think are rich and lasting friendships.” — SH, UK

“It felt like everyone was up to something interesting in the world and was there to have meaningful conversations and to give. l loved the feeling of getting ’real’ experiences that were well curated and done with heart.” — MW, ISRAEL

“This was an incredible adventure with amazing people. I can’t wait to join another adventure.” — CRF, PORTUGAL

“Amazing four days of my life. Bringing home a container of new ideas, deep and meaningful conversations, and most importantly new friends from all over the world.” — VP, UK

“Fantastic trip with an inspiring group of interesting and kind people. Had a wonderful time.” — SM, USA

“A truly special few days that I'll never forget. Thank you for involving me.” — PH, UK

“Thank you for including me. It was a wonderful and moving experience.” — JR, USA

“An incredible weekend. All of us owe you a huge debt of gratitude for enhancing our lives with friendships, adventure and togas!!!” — DK, USA

“Many thanks for a wonderful weekend in Italy with a group of fantastic people.” —GN, ISRAEL

“Thank you again for this amazing trip and for all the amazing friends I made. I return home full of good memories.” — CC, FRANCE

“Seriously, such an amazing collection of human beings. I'll go back to my Carl Jung quote: ‘The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.’ There were chain reactions all over the place and I want to thank you all for this feeling of transformation.” — OA, UK

“Thank you again for this crazy opportunity that so many would have killed for. I had an incredible time and met some incredible people, so thank you thank you thank you! I really look forward to staying in touch with the rest of the tribe.” — VB, UK

“Such a lovely group of people. It was the most fun and relaxing time I had in a very long time. I found everyone very welcoming and full of deep conversations.” — TB, UK

“Honestly, I cannot put into the right words how blessed and lucky I feel to have met and get to know all of you! Truly this trip was very inspiring and left us full of energy to keep giving our 100%.” — VP, ECUADOR

“I am so grateful for the the beauty and moments of pure connection.” — GA, USA

“Words can’t explain or even express how much this adventure and connections meant to me. Thank you all for the love, respect, understanding and the space to be vulnerable.” — LH, UK

“Such a lovely trip this was — met such amazing people!” — KN, UK