About Voyagers.io (and why we're doing this)

Voyagers.io organises by-invitation adventures designed to build close connections between exceptional people. We bring together unusually interesting individuals from diverse backgrounds, industries and geographies for curated activities in magical places. You commit time, engagement and openness; we provide an intense schedule designed to build genuine connections. Our goal through these not-for-profit adventures is to build deep peer support over members’ lifelong personal journeys, and to leverage the collective brainpower to surface and help solve a few of the group's own challenges.

Voyagers.io is led by David Rowan, founding editor-in-chief of WIRED UK (2009-17) and author of Non-Bullshit Innovation (Penguin, May 2019). David advises and invests in early-stage tech companies and travels frequently to understand emerging trends. Voyagers.io began as his way to connect some of the inspiring people he meets, from sectors ranging from startups to entertainment to human rights, over experiences curated with care. He does not draw an income from Voyagers.io, which budgets its weekends simply to share costs among participants.

CONTACT US: david@voyagers.io